Car Rides Tell All

car ride Yesterday, Kaira and I were riding in the car, taking care of some errands- when I turned the radio down, thinking it would be a great time for us to connect with each other. Normally, when I do this, I get a typical pre-teen eye roll, an exaggerated Mooooom, an attempt to readjust the volume- with an attitude to follow for good measure. Yesterday, though, God had mercy on me and non of that happened.

You know what did happen? We talked. We had genuine- more than yes or no/one word answer- conversation. It was a real treasure for me. The topic of conversation? School. Again, under ‘normal’ circumstances, this alone would have been cause for attitude. God was really blessing me, because there was no attitude, no eye roll, no nothing. Only us conversing.

Here are the questions I asked Kaira and her responses. (Yes, I know it reads like an interview. I typed it that way, so Kaira could type her answers.)

How are you liking school so far and what is your favorite thing about school so far?

Surprisingly, I am actually mostly liking school. My favorite thing is getting to wear my pajamas to school. Except on Tuesday when we have our breakfast with all the other home school people. I like that I school can be mobile, like if I have an appointment, I can just take the computer and my notebook with us and turn on the hot spot and do work. But if I was in public school still, it would be an absence and I wouldn’t be able to take it with me like that.

***the breakfast, she is referring to is The Not Back to School Breakfast for home schooling families in the RVA area. If you are in the area and want to come, please shoot me an email  and I will make sure you get all the details!***

What do you mean, mostly liking school?

Well, I do really like it, except sometimes I feel rushed. But I know I’m not really rushed, it’s just sometimes I feel like I am. But I know it is my fault I am feeling rushed. If I would just do my work when I get up, instead of at night-time, then I wouldn’t feel rushed.

So, what do you think should be done about this?

I think I should start getting up and just doing my work instead of keep on putting it off and then I have to do it when I am tired.

What have you learned so far, that you like the most/least?

[laughing] Poetry and the embalming! Wait, can I say the embalming is my least favorite and history is my favorite? [A nod from me] But also science is my favorite some too. I really like making a skin model. And I am even getting pretty good at math, even though I wasn’t that great at it in public school. I actually like everything about school, really.

I didn’t get video of her response to watching the embalming, but I did get video of her watching a real knee surgery for science, which is just as fantastic!

Do you like it better when you sit and do math with me, so I can kind of tell if you are getting frustrated or do you like doing it by yourself?

I like doing it with you. I like how you don’t yell at me and tell me I have to hurry up and that I can take my time and we don’t rush and we don’t move on until I get it.


I’m sure we talked about other things, but those were the things that stuck out in my head, and grabbed hold of my mom brain. She is learning and retaining things and it is so awesome to see happening right in front of me.

This wasn’t a part of out car ride conversation, but it was another moment that made me proud to be her mom and since it fit in with today’s post, I wanted to share it with you all. As a part of her Bible lesson, she had to read Mathew 8 and then answer the question, “would you rather be poor or rich?” and then identify what she believed the most important lesson from the reading was.

This was her response-

Yep. I am blessed to have her as a daughter.


What ‘ah-ha’ moments- as Oprah calls them- have you had? We would love to hear about them! If this post encouraged you or made you smile or chuckle, please share and like this also!


7 thoughts on “Car Rides Tell All

      • That’s true but everything isn’t black and weight you remain positive that’s the main thing . I am in a lot of pain I am spending every day in bed and I’ve flared up so I have to lie flat not even using the laptop because I don’t have wrists supports . I will do it one day I promise but I am not sure when at the moment because I am feeling so bad , which worries me because I am meant to go to Scotland next week. I hope you are well xx

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      • No rush! Take care of you! I think that is one of the great things about living in Europe- you all get to country hop easily as opposed to the ‘hassle it is for us state locked people’. I pray that you will start feeling better and that your trip will be ah-mazing!


      • Thank you Kim, haha this is very true cheap flights! However, America looks like a beautiful country, I have never been fortunate enough to go and I try to stick to Europe incase I become so sick I must return home which happened this year, it is a long flight from America! I will take some pictures on my broken phone for you haha even if they are poor quality. I hope to see more activities you do too! xx

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