The Percussive Effect

That’s what I’ve decided to call what the boys have been up to, also known as learning… But, I will get to that in just a second. 

I’ve been really trying to encourage Kaira to jump in and try new things, but when she asked me what new things I had tried, I had no answer to give… Now, I do. I’m trying my hand at a writing prompt. Today’s prompt is just one word. You guessed it, percussive.

According to Merrium-Webster, it is of or relating to percussion, especially; operative or operated by striking; having powerful impact. 

And that, my friends, is where the boys come in. I truly hope I am having a powerful impact on their little minds.

We have been up to a lot of fun things, like learning our ABC’s and counting- Quori refused to say any number other than 2, so the jury is still out on the success of that lesson, though, but both boys sing a song that has the tune of the ABC song, but without any recognizable letter sounds, it’s hard to tell.

I’m not worried and you shouldn’t be either, because this is what learning looks like in little two year old minds and it’s awesome!

We’ve also been working on saying our grace at meal Time. It is so neat to see them fold their tiny hands and thank God for their food, even though all they say right now is “Amen”.

Our gross motor skills are getting a workout, as well. We try to play out side EVERYDAY. Yes, even in the drizzle, I let them run around for a minute or two. If I didn’t do that, they would turn my furniture into their own personal gymnasium.


I try to do ‘school’ work with them once or twice a week with the boys and they seem to be really enjoying it. I’m convinced Quori will be an artist, as he loves to color and draw… 

That first picture is MY wall, courtesy of Quori, followed by other examples for his affinity for the arts…

While, I think Blue may be destined to be an architect, because he always wants to stack and build, knock down and repeat.  But, it’s early days yet, so who knows?

I have not forgotten my promise to get those lesson plans up and I hope to get them up soon… like before next year. I hope you’ve enjoyed the update on the boys and everything they have been, eagerly, I hope learning.

 Do you have any ideas to throw my way about teaching the boys? What about something we all can do and learn from (a 19 year old, 12 year old,  two 2 year olds and of course, me!) Leave a comment andet us know what you think we should study,earn or work on next. We hope that you will spread the love and share this article with your friends and on your social media pages and we’d love it if you could hit the like button for us, as well. We especially hope we are having the percussive affect on you and inspiring you to do something different in life or education!

2 thoughts on “The Percussive Effect

    • I am familiar with the Charlotte Mason style. I use some aspects of her theory in our homeschool adventure. Welcome to the “homeschooling family”! How old are your kids (that you’ll be homeschooling)? I wish you lots of luck and encouragement in your journey! Don’t forget to be flexible on your journey- both in curriculum, activities and learning styles. ☺️


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