Snow Days

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Last week, we experienced record lows, as did pretty much everyone else on the Eastern side of the US… Along with the below freezing temps came snow and ice… Kids everywhere celebrated because they got almost another week out from school, after only just finishing the Christmas or Winter break.

Well maybe not all kids. As we were still trying to ease back into our home school routine after the break, we hadn’t really gotten back into the swing of things when the snow started to fall. I have to admit, I was torn between trudging on the path of learning or joining our neighbors in a day of no school! That first day, the cold won out and as I snuggled deeper into my covers, thankful I didn’t have to go anywhere, I relished in not having to pull out a lesson plan or look at school work for one more day. (I was having just as much of a struggle as Kaira was in the getting back to school department.)

But then, there was no school again and I knew we couldn’t go another day of mind numbing nothingness, plus Kaira was starting to show signs of boredom, in the form of irritability. We had to do something. However, as the kids in the apartment above us seemed content to run up and down the hallway- ALL DAY, it didn’t seem like we would be able to get in a full day. It didn’t seem worth it to pull out the computer and the notebook if we weren’t really going to do anything with them.

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I wrote a book! It’s called Journey to Forgiveness .

Now that I am doing all things author (in addition to everything I was doing before), I have been spending a large amount of time in various author groups on Facebook. During a visit into one such group (read procrastinating on starting school), I stumbled upon an awesome gem!

A book for Kaira. I came up with the great idea of having Kaira read this book- her school for the duration of the snow days- and when she finished, she had to write a book review. This was an absolute win/win, because it gave me more time to get other things done and she wasn’t moping because ‘all the other kids didn’t have to go to school’ (even though they went countless times when she didn’t do school).

Without further adieu, here is Kaira’s Book Review


Connect with the author or get purchase info here.


Did you like the book? Why or Why not?

Yes, I liked this book because it had adventure and funny moments in it. It also made me feel like I was one of the characters. My favorite character was Runa. She taught the rats how to be rats and she was one of the heroes. If this book is part of a series, I would love to read the other books.

Would you read other books by this author?

I definitely want to read all the books by this author.

Who should read this book?

I think tweens and teens who like adventures and animals should read this book. They will like this book because, [like me] they will feel like they are in the book and they will care for the characters, also.


She loved it so much, she told the Gram about it!

Clearly, she loved this book and thinks you will too! I think the next thing I will have her do is come up with some interview questions and have her contact the author. I love the flexibility homeschooling has given us and the opportunity to experience the many different things she has experienced these last couple of months.

Did you guys have any snow days? Do you take them when it does snow? What do you do on snow days? Leave us a comment down below telling us all about your snow days! And as always, please be generous with those likes and sharing is caring- so share everywhere!

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