Is it over yet? ¡Oy Ve! Now don’t get me wrong, we are still enjoying our homeschool adventure and we have no plans of quiting or returning back to public school. We have just done so much creative learning that we may have reached the we need a break point of things. And you know what? That’s the beauty of homeschooling! We can take a break whenever we need to! Yay!

Here is my dilema on the break… We have taken a lot of them. Be it for horses, holidays or field trips, ‘breaks’ have accounted for a lot of our learning time. The part of me still stuck in the rigidness of the public school structure, looks at where we are in our beloved curriculum and thinks, “oh no! We are so far behind! We haven’t done enough school and I am failing at this home school gig.” However, the part of me that happily shook the scholarly public school robes off and threw them in the landfill knows we have done all types of learning EVERYDAY and that Kaira and Quori have grown immensely this year.

Mostly, I know there is an end of the year project Kaira has the option to do and send in to Easy Peasy, which will be displayed on the website and I really want her to do that. Silly, right? Especially because she has experienced so many things this year that she would have missed out on, had we still been on the public school cog wheel.

Speaking of curriculums, I have added to our pre pre school… Or rather, I made things easier for me. We signed up for ABC mouse and like Kaira’s curriculum, we LOVE it. With a few minor adjustments to fit our needs (we do the same lesson everyday of the week) and then I add different activities to each day to reinforce the ABC mouse lesson. This has been a big help, because I was also feeling like I was slacking on teaching the littles and that they, too, were behind.

Thankfully, I take lots of pictures and I was able to see documentation of just how much learning we have done. Have a look and check out all of our learning over thehe last month.

History isn’t always pretty, but it’s ours and we’re gonna learn all about it.

History in real life. This is our cousin integrating the Stafford County School System

We’ve been working on grammar! This, of course is a favorite of mine.

We took in a play! Godspell, which prompted some great thought provoking questions.

Sometimes, this is how school happens! Love ABC Mouse!

Finally got to see the Terracotta Army- which we learned about in our 4th week of school.

Rr makes the errr sound! Having lots of fun painting Elmo red

Lots of fun learning about the letter Rr- R is for red (play dough)

We are learning how to coupon and save money

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